Gymnast’s Path to Recovery: Hard Work, Discipline and a FYZICAL Therapist

Spend 5 minutes with Dyllan Thompson and you’ll be inspired. This vibrant 13-year-old understands the value of discipline and hard work better than most adults. Having been a competitive gymnast for more than half her life, Dyllan knows that in order to fulfill her dreams, a deep commitment to her sport is non negotiable. A knee injury in the summer of 2017 was nearly devastating for the young athlete but she was not going to let that stop her. That’s where the journey with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center of Rockville started.

Dyllan and her family recognized the importance of excellent physical therapy in order to get her back in the gym as quickly AND safely as possible. FYZICAL of Rockville (formerly known as Seneca PT & Wellness) has been in business over 26 years and continually builds a strong reputation for working with athletes from beginners all the way up to the Olympic level. FYZICAL of Rockville has treated countless gymnasts over the years and understands the unique care and attention needed for this highly physical sport.

Previous experiences in physical therapy had Dyllan skeptical as to whether FYZICAL could help her achieve her vigorous goals. In the past, she worked with therapists who did not spend adequate time with her, often leaving her in pain, confused about the exercises, and ultimately discouraged. FYZICAL was able to turn that around for Dyllan thanks to a different healthcare philosophy.

At FYZICAL, therapists spend up to an hour with each patient 1-on-1 allowing time for trust to be built and understanding to be gained about a patient’s injury or condition. Dyllan quickly saw this commitment in her therapist,Casey Miller, PT, DPT, MS, RD, CSCS , who was truly on her team and invested in her recovery. Dyllan’s parents describe their experience with Casey as “night and day” from past physical therapists. Casey worked with Dyllan before her knee surgery to help her understand what to expect. After reviewing their post-surgery plan in advance, Casey safely transitioned Dyllan to her action plan. “Casey has been a lifesaver… she has made a very stressful situation much easier to manage,” said Christina Thompson, Dyllan’s mom.

Thanks to Casey’s astute knowledge of the body, she has been able to push Dyllan to regain her strength and beat recovery timeframes set by the surgeon. “I have had a great experience at FYZICAL since Day 1. I came here with doubts that it wasn’t going to work but Miss Casey quickly built up my confidence. I could tell she really cared about me and my recovery. She made me feel like my goals and dreams were possible again,” said Dyllan.

Although paying out of network for Dyllan’s therapy was not an easy decision, her parents were set on high quality and long-term health for their daughter. Thanks to the relationship they quickly built with Casey and the plans she had for Dyllan’s treatment, they had the confidence to move forward and make the worthwhile investment. “It is worthwhile to me to pay out-of-network to come to FYZICAL. I want my child to have a healthy knee, not just for her sport but for her life. I was recommended to come here by a credible source and now I see why,” adds Christina.

All of us at FYZICAL are proud to work with athletes like Dyllan and be a part of their journey. We wish her much success in her future!