Wellness Center Testimonials

“My movement disorder specialist said at the end of my routine six month check up for my Parkinson’s Disease, ‘I don’t often see this but you are actually a little better than you were six months ago.’ I was elated. A comprehensive fitness program and the work that I do with my trainer, Bob Seymour, is paying off! Not only does Bob give me challenging tasks of agility but he lifts my spirits as well.”

– Rachel R., MD

Seneca Wellness & Fitness Center has provided me with a program that has shown exceptional results. Results that a respectfully large group of physical therapy type folks failed to accomplish, repeatedly, and over a longer period of time.

I am a 70 year old male who has, through the miracle of modern medicine, been ‘blessed’ with two back surgeries in the last five years. Each procedure was successful in its respective way, but each also left me with chronic pain, on which, a host of physical therapy sessions had little effect.

On December 14, 2009, I became a client of Seneca Wellness & Fitness Center. I was immediately impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of every staff member I met. After assessing my medical history, Jennifer Holliday, an Exercise Specialist, introduced me to an exceptionally well-balanced program of cardio procedures, weight training, and exercises to improve balance and stability.

I was in bad shape. The first day, I managed to ‘gut out’ three minutes on the treadmill before I had to stop. Attempts at the other exercises were equally disappointing, but I was encouraged to continue to try, by not only the staff but other members as well. After about a month, I was progressing so well, Jennifer changed the routine, increasing the effort required to accomplish each exercise. I am now doing the maximum time allowed on each cardio machine and increased the resistance and repetitions of each weight exercises by approximately 25%.

I have lost about 15 pounds, my muscles respond much better and I feel exceptionally good about myself. I still experience the pain, however, it has reached the point at which it has become tolerable and seems to be more so as I progress.

I feel I owe all of this well-being to Seneca Wellness & Fitness Center. The friendly, courteous and professional demeanor of the staff provides an extremely congenial atmosphere in which each person can pursue their own goals, supervised by an exercise specialist who makes each of us feel as if we are the most important person in their lives. I can’t say enough.

– Stan

“A journey starts with just one step. So began my quest to improve my health, including losing the weight that had stubbornly stuck around since my pregnancies many years ago. With the suggestion and support of my husband, Mark, I joined Seneca to exercise regularly and be challenged and motivated by Eden. So, 2 years ago, I walked in the door, gingerly on my ‘bad feet’, nervous and out of shape but ready to take charge and make some life changes. It paid off! Last month I walked confidently on my stronger feet and 40 pounds lighter, 26 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I can’t even begin to describe the satisfaction I felt knowing that hard work, persistence and lots of encouragement from my friends at Seneca and my family had paid off. Though I am still on the journey to improved fitness, walking the distance of a marathon will always be one of my proudest moments. Now I am just one step away of beginning my training for next year’s Walk!”

– Kate

After visiting many gyms in the area, I had the good fortune of coming to Seneca Wellness & Fitness Center. Eden, you gave me a tour of Seneca, told me about the services that you would provide and I knew this was the place for me. I have been a member for seven years and you have seen me through well times, and times when my body was rebelling. Your wonderful staff has always been available to help tweak my programs so that I was able to continue to work out. I enjoy coming to Seneca as it is like a small town; you can be involved with other participants and staff or just do your own thing and leave. It is great not having to compete with others and not having to dress in the latest fitness attire.

It is really important to me to have trained exercise physiologists to work with who regularly develop new exercise programs for me. They listen to my needs and goals and then use their creativity and knowledge to inspire me to a new round of exercises. My program is always balanced and when needed – it is modified.

The warmth of the entire staff, responsiveness, and helpfulness and of course skill is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all.

– Jan

“Having committed to a program of exercise, I knew what I didn’t want in a gym, but I really hadn’t figured out what I wanted – until joining Seneca. They have a staff that is well-trained; fosters respect and courtesy; willing to plan, prepare and accommodate to the individual.”

– P. S. Wellness Member


For the past three years, you’ve gone above and beyond your ‘Wellness Director’ title and been a spectacular mentor for me. Besides helping me to get my ‘guns’ and rock hard abs, your faith in my abilities have always pushed me further than I thought I could go. You’ve been a driving force behind my high school success and your support in the past will help me in college. Thanks for everything! Don’t worry, I’ll be back!!”

– Debbie

“Like many in the Metro DC area who work behind a desk and sit in a car on the way to work, I was leading a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Joining the Wellness Center during the Spring of 2003, I hoped to become healthier and more active. I got off to a good start exercising in the evening on her way home from work. I maintained this pattern for a few months until I started a PhD program. While adding an exciting and new challenge to my life, it wasn’t without stress. My efforts to exercise were complicated by the fact that I no longer had my evenings free because of school! Even though I continued to exercise periodically (albeit, not enthusiastically), it was barely enough to help keep me feeling righteous.

My ‘righteous’ feeling faded in 2005 when a fall and knee injury put a damper on my exercise routine. I felt a little scared about my physical condition and realized that I needed to strengthen not only my knees, but my entire body. All I can say is that I had an awakening that jolted me into the realization that if I didn’t start exercising consistently, I would eventually lose function. There is nothing like a little fear to help motivate. This ‘fitness epiphany’ led me to meet with Eden, and re-structure my entire exercise routine. But that wasn’t enough. I also decided to totally change my schedule, awakening an hour earlier in the morning so that I could exercise before work. That became my magic formula. I started coming to the Center 5-6 mornings a week, rain, or shine. Now, 18 months later, I not only have my PhD, but I’m pain free and feel terrific! Achieving a PhD is stressful and challenging, and I firmly believe that my exercise routine kept me both physically AND mentally fit.”

– Heddy