What Happened to Seneca?

"Same owner, same people, same exceptional care"

After 25+ years of providing you with the highest standards of physical therapy and wellness services, we have partnered with a group of independent physical therapy clinics called FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers.

Why have we done this? We are better able to meet your comprehensive needs with increased services like fall prevention, concussion management, as well as an annual musculoskeletal physical unavailable anywhere else. We now have equipment and expertise that typically only large medical centers offer. FYZICAL provides physical therapy, balance treatment, and medical fitness programs in 36 states, and the number is growing. We are excited to have been the first FYZICAL clinic to have opened in the state of Maryland.

By joining with FYZICAL, we are able to offer a state-of-the-art balance, dizziness, and fall prevention program. Our expanded treatment options will help patients with age-related balance problems, athletes with concussions, and those with acute balance conditions like vertigo.

Although we have a new look and logo, our core values have not changed whatsoever. A large corporation has not and will not be taking over, dictating our profit margins or our treatment approach. Our fee schedules will not change.

None of our staff have left due to this change. In fact, we have added new staff members who are experts in balance and fall prevention strategies.

We will still be Seneca Physical Therapy and Wellness, but doing business as (DBA) FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center of Rockville.

The new combined FYZICAL PT, Balance and Wellness Center will be stronger, better, and more able to meet your comprehensive needs.

If you would like to learn more about the FYZICAL approach to physical therapy, balance and fitness, you can find FYZICAL online at www.fyzical.com.